Prof. Pavel Utkin: Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Compressible Flows in Problems of Aerospace Research and Explosion Safety


On 8 April 2023 Pavel Utkin , a new Professor of the International Centre for Applied Mechanics of the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT-ICAM), gave a lecture entitled Numerical Simulation of High-Speed Compressible Flows in Problems of Aerospace Research and Explosion Safety. He shared his latest research results in the field of mathematical modeling of flows with shock and detonation waves with students and teachers. Nearly 40 students and teachers attended the lecture that was held in the Activity Center Building at the HIT campus. Professor of HIT-ITAM Fei Jia hosted the event.

In day-to-day routine, we do not often encounter really fast flows of the medium and objects inside it. The wind, the flow of air from a passing car or train, a soccer ball that flies after being kicked, and even the flight of a civil aviation aircraft are all examples of subsonic flow mechanics. But there are fundamentally different, much faster processes and phenomena. What does an emergency explosion of methane or coal dust in a mine have in common with a new promising type of rocket engine? How to simulate the movement of a body of complex shape in the flow of the medium and why do you need to be able to do it? What are two-phase flows and what difficulties arise when modeling them? The lecture discusses modern issues and approaches in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which Professor Pavel Utkin plans to deal with at the HIT-ICAM. At the end of the lecture, the Professor invited all students who would like to learn more about up-to-date CFD methods, attend courses or conduct research on this topic, to contact him.

During the discussion after the lecture, Professor Utkin answered teachers’ questions about models of particle interaction in the flow, and also discussed the possibilities of developing a new course in computational aerodynamics.

  The aim of this lecture is to promote students’ understanding of the frontier knowledge in the field of Computational Fluid Mechanics and to grasp the latest research developments in this field. The close academic exchange and discussion with experts is a way to expose students to the frontiers of mechanics as much as possible and to expand their horizons, generate inspiration and spark wisdom through academic exchange and academic collision. In the coming years, HIT-ICAM will continue to invite more professors and scholars from home and abroad to talk to young students about their academic careers and life experiences, in order to enlighten academic thinking and promote discipline building.