Associate prof. Xiaobo Gong




Dr. Xiaobo Gong obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics (2017) from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China. In 2015, he worked as an international cooperative scholar at the University of Bristol, UK. He is currently a lecturer at the School of Ocean Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai. Dr. Gong has published over 15 scientific papers in journals and has been authorized with 4 invention patents and software copyrights.


Research Fields

Dr. Xiaobo Gong is interested in smart materials and structures and their application in morphing aircraft, offshore wind turbine blades, and Underwater Unmanned Vehicle (UUV), involving shape memory polymer composites, 3D Braided Composites, cellular structures, and morphing structures.



Room 310, Research Institute Building 1, No.2 West Wenhua Road

School of Ocean Engineering 

Harbin Institute of Technology at Weihai

Weihai 264209, PR China.