Congratulations on the success of ICAST 2022


The 32nd International Conference on Adaptive Structures and Technologies (ICAST 2022) has been held on November 27-30, 2022 through virtual/in-person (Taicang, Suzhou, China) hybrid mode.


Smart Material is new type of material, which integrates sensing, control and driving functions and has been widely applied in aerospace, aviation, warship, architecture, civil engineering, advanced manufacturing and other fields. With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the hybrid combination of nanomaterials and smart materials is emerging as a frontier research direction in recent years, and related applications in intelligent bionics, biomedicine, robotics, flexible electronics and etc. continues fast growth.


ICAST is a series of conferences, first held in 1990, with a tradition of being hosted by different institutions around the world each year. ICAST 2022 is the 32nd event of the series of highly successful international conferences in the field of smart materials and adaptive structures.